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3 transparent options aligned to what you need to take your business to the next level

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Strategy Session

per session

What you get for your investment...

3 hr Strategy session each month and a follow up 1 hr accountability session.
Your half day session will be held with one of our marketing strategies specialist.  All of whom have been personally selected by founder Scott C. Campbell.  

Scott is a marketing strategist specialist who has helped his clients increase their sales by over £30 million and one the key elements that makes stand out in his field is the ability to understand how customers engage with marketing strategies and this allows him to develop effective campaigns.

These sessions can be held at your business or our client offices in Harlow, Essex.

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Done For You

per month

Here's what is included each month...

- Weekly Email marketing campaign

- On-going Lead generation ad campaign

- Develop and implement a digital marketing strategy.

- Social media management

- Search engine optimisation (SEO)

- Branded digital publication produced

- Monthly marketing strategy session

- Website review

* There is no minimum contract and no set up fees.

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Marketing Team

​per month

Here's what is included each month...

Everything that's listed in the 'Marketing strategy session' and 'Complete done for you' packages, PLUS...

- Identity budgets and set specific targets of ROI (return on investment) along with timescales and set review dates.

- Understand and identify what are the  core values, vision, target audiences, unique selling proposition, positioning and pricing strategy for your company.

- Design and develop new branding and aligned to above (if required)

- Develop an effective marketing strategy document aligned with the values and commercial goals of your company.

- Strategy document to achieve measurable brand recognition and growth in your marketplace.

- Create a lead generation strategy with specific elements of what the funnel for each income stream is.

- Develop a LRM (lead relationship manager) campaign with specific content marketing guidelines for each category of potential income streams.

- Develop a social media content strategy for each platform depending on what opportunities were identified in the effective marketing plan.

- Develop a content retention strategy.

- Create a marketing brief for external and internal use.

- Develop a report to measure key marketing deliverables.

 +  Your outsourced marketing director will attend your board meeting (if required).

 +  Our senior creative team will implement all of the above each month.

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